Two Best WordPress Themes for Your Educational Website

Two Best WordPress Themes for Your Educational Website

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Investing in your education is as important as investing in your future. For this reason, many people are seeking higher education everywhere possible—in addition to attending a university degree in their states, people are also looking for international schools online. This alone makes creating educational websites a must for every university and school;

not only do schools want to reach out to the locals, they also need to break the geographical boundaries and bring in those students from the other side of the world. Thanks to the internet, most universities have launched their educational websites and have since generated more leads. If you want more students to apply for your school, you need to have a student directory website for your educational institution.

Keep in mind, creating a website could be challenging if you do not know where to get a good WordPress theme for university; you may feel all alone in your struggle. Yet, the good news is that we are here to help realize your dream. We have thus selected two WordPress themes to help you accomplish that one goal—launching your webpage and making the university life easier than ever. The themes are as follows:

School—Online Lesson Organization

This WordPress theme was designed to meet the needs of your current students and to attract more students to your university. Unlike many themes on the internet, this one is cost-efficient in that offers an easy installation and customization. So, you do not need to hire an expert to install the theme for you; you do not need to know coding to handle the theme.

It also offers an easy navigation; whether they are on their smart phones, tablets or on their desktops, students and teachers can navigate it smoothly. The theme also has great features: teachers and students can benefit from drag and drop management tool; this is handy when students finish their task and want to upload onto the university page for their teacher to grade.

School website timetable template example

The theme offers the best organization for an educational website; the students can find all the information they would ever want on the site. Here are some of the features that the theme has to offer:

  • The theme comes with a built-in timetable for your university website (as the timetable is provided on the site, the students will never miss out on any class or event);
  • It features Student Events, Teachers’ Profiles, Classroom stories as well as Gallery.

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University—Alumni Student Network

Another great theme to consider is the Alumni Student Network. Like the theme above, the Alumni Student Network offers stories and events. Added to that is the programs. So, the students can check out the exciting stories and events going on at university and never miss out on any activity or fun; they can also have a full control of their programs on the website. Thus, they can watch their educational progress. What is more, the theme offers something interesting for the graduates: they can check out their career opportunities right on their university website.

University student directory website template example

This is the most complete, most affordable, and most reliable WordPress theme that you will ever find on the market. We know that education is the key to success; we want to help you open doors for millions of students.

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