The Best WordPress Theme that Gives You Full Control over Your Educational Website

The Best WordPress Theme that Gives You Full Control over Your Educational Website

August 22, 2018 0 comments Alex Tags , , , ,

If you have been dreaming of having a WordPress theme for your student directory website, we can help you accomplish that goal. You would love to install a theme that lets you create a timetable on your website. Then, you should try this theme. Here is how you can benefit from it:

Easy to Install

Given that the theme was designed for your student directory website, it is easy to install; you do not need to master coding. There is no need to hire somebody to install it for you; you are your own expert.

Search Engine Friendly

Since many business owners spend a fortune on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we knew how important it would be for your university website; you definitely need to have the student directory optimized for search engines. After all, these search engines–Google, Bing, and Yahoo–are the building blocks for websites: they are responsible for the search traffic of your brand. For a website to succeed in its marketing, it has to comply with the standards of the search engines. Here is why we have included search engine optimization in our theme: we want you to succeed in the business field without breaking your pockets. In other words, with our theme installed on your site, you do not need to hire SEO experts to make your university website easy to find on Google search or on Bing; once installed, the theme will do the job for you. You can now rest assured that your audience, the students, will easily find the university website and have access to all of the school’s materials that they need. 

Mobile Friendly

In addition to making your website SEO friendly, our theme will meet the needs of mobile users. That is, we have made our theme mobile-friendly, so that students can access the college website with a click of a button. They no longer need to visit the site only on the desktop; we have followed the trends in 2018, which means more people do research on their mobile devices; this makes it a must for your university website to have a mobile-friendly, professional theme.

Google analytics

If you are concerned about your website stats, the theme will let you see what is going on with your website.We have included Google analytics in the theme, so that you can know if your digital marketing is bearing good results; you can control who is viewing the content of your college website; you can see if you are generating more leads. You can have the answers to these questions: are my target audiences enjoying my content? Or do they just enter it and go away at once? How long do they take reading the website’s content? All of these factors speak volumes. Depending on your results, you can see if you are accomplishing your goals or you need to double your efforts on your brand marketing. This function is one of the most important features in a theme. It gives you a full control of the inner workings of your website.