8 Best WordPress Themes For Your Blog In 2018

8 Best WordPress Themes For Your Blog In 2018

August 26, 2018 0 comments Danah

Looking to build your online presence for your personal brand? Whether you’re just starting from scratch or exploring more ways to promote your business, it is undeniably important to be available online. But sadly, it’s no longer enough to simply have a website and a domain name!

It seems that a lot of people today have their own online property. In fact, there are actually over 1.8 billion websites in the world wide web right now as we speak.

Even though your website is exposed to billions of people across the globe, it’s difficult to stand out and be seen without a form of leverage – this is where blogging comes in.

Blogging In 2018

No matter what other people may say, blogging is still very relevant in 2018. It is a way for you to share information and to communicate with your audience. It just proves that you aren’t just available online, but you are also active and continuously producing something.

For many years, WordPress has been one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) for blogging. Plenty of the blogs you read may also be hosted by WordPress.

The not-so-big secret that sets your blog apart from your competition isn’t just good quality content. Appearance matters on the web and so it is essential that you dress up your blog – not just because it looks good but also because it is a chance for your company branding to shine.

There are thousands of beautiful themes to choose from out there but lucky for you, we’ve already done the research. Below is a simple list of the best WordPress blog themes in 2018. No matter what kind of blog you have, you are bound to find something that fits your style.

8 Best WordPress Themes For Your Blog In 2018


Foodica Homepage Preview

Food blogs are still very popular in 2018. But what many beginner food bloggers don’t realize is that great looking photos are just half of what makes a good food blog. In order to make your blog readable and easy on the eyes, you need to have a theme that allows your photos to take center stage – without making your website look like a hot mess.

Foodica is your go-to choice if you are looking for a clean and simple layout. It is a powerful, multipurpose theme with a set of beautiful stylized pages included. It has an impressive content display which allows you to show off your photos effortlessly. What’s more is that this theme also comes with shortcodes built specifically for food bloggers. You can create eye-catching recipes with a simple built-in code. With Foodica, you don’t have to spend so much time editing your content to make it look pretty and cohesive.

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Writing WordPress theme home preview

Calling all writers out there – are you looking for a blog theme that does not make your content look like a terrifying wall of text? Choose a layout that understands the importance of format and readability. Writing is completely Retina-ready and fully responsive, allowing users to customize their reading experience. No matter which device they are reading your blogs on, they can still enjoy a beautiful and clean looking website.

The best part of this theme is that it is also SEO-ready, giving your blog an extra advantage and a higher chance of being found and read. In addition to this, this WordPress theme also comes with Facebook Open Graph Tags, 25 Social Share Icons, and many other social media-related widgets – perfect for sharing your written work across various social networking sites.

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Matilda WordPress theme home page preview

Are you a big fan of the minimalist style? If so, you might also fall in love with the simplicity and elegance of the Matilda theme. This WordPress layout is all about practicality. It is user-friendly and easy to install. Because of its minimalist design, there is absolutely no need to spend so much time customizing and tweaking. But for those who would like to personalize a few details, it does come with 32 HTML page variations. 8 of them contain different styles for the homepage.

This theme also has 100% responsive design which means that the theme still retains its beauty no matter what device you are viewing it on.

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Parker WordPress theme home page preview

The Parker WordPress theme is perhaps the best option for lifestyle bloggers. It is an elegant theme with a minimalist design, making it highly customizable to fit your personal tastes. This layout has a beautiful content display and a tidy grid layout. Packed with multiple styling options, the Parker theme allows you to show off your branding with ease.

The best part about the Parker WordPress theme is the fact that it has a live theme customizer. For bloggers who have a limited coding knowledge, this feature is a lifesaver. Now, you can achieve a professional-looking theme without having to worry about how to do it with code.

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Paperio WordPress theme home page preview

Paperio isn’t just your ordinary highly responsive, multipurpose theme. It comes with hundreds of styling options and elements giving you full customizing abilities even on the finest details. Control the way your content is shown by choosing different header and footer tones.

The Paperio theme also comes with multiple widgets specifically made for this theme. Leave all the hard work to these widgets as they automatically display your blog’s latest and most popular posts. Lastly, the Paperio also has a live theme customizer which allows you to make changes on your blog without having to learn the code.

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Travelmatic WordPress theme home page preview

Aside from food blogs, travel blogs are also well-loved by plenty of people across the globe. After all, who can say no to a vacation – even if it’s just through the internet? Give your readers an experience close to your adventures through your blog. Make it informative as well by using the Travelmatic WordPress theme.

The Travelmatic is built for the travel and adventure bloggers. Apart from being a clean and tidy looking theme, it is also packed with widgets and styling options that are perfect for a travel blog. Display maps in different styles, share exact locations and travel routes with a simple shortcode. With the Travelmatic WordPress theme, you don’t have to worry about making your blog readable and attractive ever again. Go ahead and enjoy your trip instead.

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Magplus WordPress theme home page preview

For those who are looking for a magazine-style blog layout, the MagPlus is a practical option. This theme comes with over 30 demos to choose from – all you need is a single click to replicate the design on your own blog. It has a modern and professional-looking style but if you would like to customize it according to your personal brand, you’d be glad to know that this theme is packed with elements and styling options.

The MagPlus comes with over 20 slide designs, over 18 different kinds of headers and over 4 footers. Customizations can also be done live so you don’t have to worry if you know nothing about coding. What’s more is that this ad is also compatible with a lot of third-party apps. It supports WooCommerce for online commerce and provides display options for ads as well.

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Camile WordPress theme home page preview

If you are looking for a feminine yet robust WordPress theme, the Camille layout is the best option for you. This layout is full of customizing options, allowing you to personalize your website according to your brand. It also comes with a Revolution Slider which helps you curate your selected blog posts as headers automatically.

This theme is specifically created for users who would like more control over the graphic design of their blogs. Camille comes with options that allow users to choose colors and even typography options for their blog. Apart from being a powerful theme, this is the layout to choose if you are a visual artist looking to express their individuality through their blog.

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