8 Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes For Your Online Business

August 30, 2018 0 comments Danah

Online retail is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing billion dollar industry in the world today. In fact, statistics show that the worldwide sales of e-commerce for the year 2018 has already reached 653 billion US dollars! That’s more than double from the 317 billion dollars in sales last 2013.

With that being said, can you imagine the limitless possibilities a business owner could attain just by putting up an online storefront? Whether you are an e-commerce startup or a veteran in the online retail space, you know that a website is a valuable asset to your business.

It has become more than just a place where you upload your goods; it’s a promotional tool and the point of communication between you and your customers. And this is precisely the reason why you need to build a beautiful and functional site.

Why You Should Choose WooCommerce

If the fact that over 30% of online stores is powered by WooCommerce isn’t enough to convince you to use their service, perhaps its impressive functionality will. Most experts recommend using WooCommerce, especially for startups mainly because it makes it easy for users to create their online stores.

It’s flexible and compatible with many other third-party integrations, making it the most practical and user-friendly option there is. And to top it all off, WooCommerce is entirely free as long as you have a WordPress site! This means that not only do you get an online store set up, you can also integrate a powerful blog to help boost your sales as well.

Web designers also love WooCommerce. Because of the fact that it is highly customizable, you can create tons of awesome designs for your shop. The great news is, you don’t need to make one yourself from scratch or pay expensive fees to get a custom theme. You can get one readily available for downloading online. Below are some of the top WooCommerce themes for WordPress. With such an attractive theme, you’ll have customers running to your store soon.

8 Best WooCommerce WordPress Theme


Are you an organic products shop? Look no further because the NatureCircle theme has got you covered. This theme is packed with graphics and tools that match perfectly with its design concept. Whether you are selling organic cosmetic products or natural products, this theme fits all types of businesses in the organic industry.

It comes with more than 3 attractive demos for you to choose from and icons that were designed to fit the overall design of the theme as well. Another great addition is that this theme also has a category carousel, allowing you to organize your inventory in a more organized and user-friendly manner.

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Shopper is all about clean, simple design. It is minimalistic and elegant – perfect for a shop that exudes a high-class style. Shopper is a multi-purpose and fully responsive theme. It will have you believe that an expensive looking layout can be done even with minimal effort.

This theme makes it easy for shop owners to work on their website’s branding without having to worry about code. It comes with an easy-to-use page builder and additional shop layouts functions such as a lookbook and a stylized review section. Shopper also comes with various graphics like headers and premade homepage layout.

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If you want a theme that is complete and packed with resources, you need Marketo. This theme is robust as it has 9 homepages, 8 header variations, a Mega Menu option, and 2 footer styles. It even has Slider Revolution integrated so you can bring a bit of animation to your homepage.

And If you’re worried that all these elements will hinder your user’s mobile shopping experience, you’d be glad to know that Marketo is also fully responsive.

This theme is highly recommended for online shops who have a huge inventory. The Mega Menu style will allow you to organize and present your inventory without overwhelming your customers. What’s more is that Marketo also has Product Ajax Search and Algolia Search added so not only is your theme beautiful to look at, it is also very smart and effective in searching the products your customers need.

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If your store has the best looking photos, make sure to show it off with a theme that knows how to put them in a spotlight. Zoa is another fully responsive minimalist theme with a clean layout. Whether you’re on the computer or on mobile, you know that it looks beautiful no matter what device you’re on.

The great thing about Zoa is that it is highly customizable, allowing you to promote your branding without the layout getting in the way. Easily make the theme yours by adding your own product photos and content using the integrated Elementor page builder.

Zoa offers 11+ prebuilt homepage designs as well as various page customization options for product listings and shop pages. It also has unlimited color schemes to choose from so rest assured, you can still customize the theme according to your branding without learning even a string of code.

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This theme is for the online shops that cater to kids or parents-to-be. If you are in need of a bright and fun theme that’s perfect for children, you need the Cocco layout. Juno is a 100% responsive Woocommerce theme that is jam-packed with graphics, tools, and resources for your kid-friendly website. Not only does it have a clean design, it also has eye-catching graphics that will certainly keep your customers on your website.

Cocco has a total of 7 different icon packs, tons of stylish shortcodes, and 6 premade homepage designs. One might think that this theme focuses more on its design but you’ll be surprised to know that it also has plenty of shop function tools such as the Mikado Search. This feature allows users to find products in the store with ease. This layout also supports pop-up designs, newsletter sign-up graphics and many more.

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The Shopkeeper WooCommerce theme has been a long-time bestselling layout on Themeforest and with very good reason. Although it may look like your ordinary 100% responsive minimalist theme, Shopkeeper is actually full of shop functionality tools. The best one is that it has about 4 different designs for the product page. And we all know how important it is to make a product page attractive to customers.

Another great reason to get the Shopkeeper theme is that it supports YouTube videos in the photo galleries of product pages. So if you would like to embed some promotional videos of your products, the Shopkeeper theme is the best option for you. Other perks of the Shopkeeper includes zooming and lightbox functions for the product gallery as well.

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Although specifically made for shops that carry handmade goods, this theme can be well-used by other retailers as well. It is a fully responsive web design with Bootstrap 3 and it also has Ajax Live Search – making it a competitive theme layout that gives customers a great user experience while browsing your online shop. Handy is just one of those WordPress WooCommerce themes that help you arrange your inventory in a way that it makes it easier for your customers to find what they need.

And although specifically made for shops that carry handmade goods, this theme can be well-used by other retailers as well. It has a highly customizable design and it comes with many shop tools such as a wishlist creator, a pop-up for your newsletter sign-up tool, and many more.

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