10 Best WordPress Themes For Photographers

September 9, 2018 0 comments Danah

As the popular saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. For most of us, a photo is more than just a still image: it is a captured memory, a moment in time that can be preserved forever. Perhaps it is the idea of being able to keep the past that enticed many people to the world of photography.

Since the invention of the camera up until today, photography has become a well-loved form of art by many people. Although time has drastically changed the way photos are taken today, it is still a timeless hobby both young and old can enjoy.

Technology made it possible for us to take crisp and clear photos – but it doesn’t just end there. Now you can also easily print and showcase your photos on the web; it’s no longer required for you to display your work at a gallery.

Why Photographers Should Have A WordPress Website

Photographers, both veteran and amateur, can benefit greatly from creating a website. Not only does it serve as a place for them to display their work, it is a great opportunity for them to connect with potential clients as well. With that being said, it is so important for photographers to choose a content managing system that has all the tools and features they need. Good thing WordPress is readily accessible and affordable to everyone.

If you ask around, experts and perhaps your favorite bloggers will tell you the WordPress is the CMS of choice. WordPress currently powers over 60 million websites across the globe and with such a long history, it is without a doubt that it is a great choice for photographers too.

Together with a powerful system, a website would also need a beautiful theme to go with it. Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful themes that are compatible with WordPress. It’s not enough to have beautiful and attractive photos posted on a page – a gallery must be interactive and pleasing to look at. It should show a bit of the photographer’s style and personality for it to be memorable. Have a look at the list below for examples of the best WordPress themes for photographers in 2018.

Best WordPress Themes For Photographers 2018


Photographer WordPress Theme Preview

Not only does it have such a fitting name, the Photographer theme is specifically curated for showcasing photography. It features a very clean and minimalistic design, giving your photos center stage in order for them to shine. Without all the distractions on the page, your visitors get to see the beauty of your photos from the moment they land on your website.

The Photographer theme is 100% responsive and retina-ready. This means that your photos are displayed neatly and clearly, no matter what device your visitors are on. But the best thing about this theme is the fact that it comes with a Live Photowall Homepage. Your visitors will be able to see a unique homepage generated randomly from your photo portfolio. This adds a little bit of motion to your otherwise very still photo image display.

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Photosy WordPress Theme Preview

Photosy is a no-frills theme that has one goal: to make your photos pop. Photographers know that pictures come in different dimensions. No matter if you like your photos square or in portrait format, Photosy has got you covered. This theme comes with a total of 19 demos, giving you tons of layout options to choose from.

Just like the Photographer theme, Photosy is also responsive and very user-friendly as well. While the Photographer theme only had 2 blog layouts, Photosy has more advanced options and it also comes with numerous layouts for your portfolio as well. Customizing has also been made easy with its integrated Customizer and Page Builder software.

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Topography WordPress Theme Preview

If you love how pictures are displayed at an art gallery, you would love the Tography theme. It is a minimalistic and clean layout that resembles a gallery display. Visitors to your website can view your photos in a slide gallery format. Along with this feature, the Tography theme also comes with clean and neat layout designs for your blog and other pages as well.

Another interesting feature of this WordPress theme is the additional info display on every photo. As visitors view your photos, they can also see relevant photo information such as the camera, photo size, and even your camera settings – truly a great option for professionals.

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Soho WordPress Theme Preview

If you are a photographer who is eager to not just exhibit your photos but your talent as well, try the Soho WordPress theme. The Soho displays your photos as a full-screen layout. Visitors to your website can then truly appreciate your photos, giving them a clear view of the finer details while allowing them a to peek through your photographer’s eye.

Like many other themes on this list, the Soho is also a responsive website that is packed with plenty of features. Apart from the fullscreen layout, the Soho also offers plenty of other photo grids to help your visitors see all your photos at a glance. If you are worried that this theme is too complicated to use for curating your photos, you’d be surprised to know that the Soho actually comes with a Drag and Drop software – no need to worry about complex coding.

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POFO WordPress Theme Preview

If you are a big fan of seamless photo displays, the POFO WordPress theme is the best option for your photography website. Although the POFO comes with plenty of other photo gallery layouts, it is perhaps the best theme for seamless gallery display. This type of display allows your visitors to view your vibrant photos as they scroll through the gallery.

Among all the other themes on this list, POFO is also the layout to go to if you are looking for more control over the design of your theme. This theme has custom sidebars and custom widgets ready for you to play with. Oftentimes, it is the tiny details that can make or break your website. Impress your website visitors by letting them see the brand of your photos.

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Shutter WordPress Theme Preview

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, perhaps the Shutter can give you the personality your website needs. The Shutter is a cutting-edge, minimalistic theme that offers tons of photo display flexibilities. Perhaps you want your photos to be presented in a certain way? No worries – this theme pays attention to your eye for photography.

Although not specifically created for displaying photography, the Shutter is a multipurpose theme that covers all grounds for you. It comes with various gallery display designs as well as layouts for other pages such as blog and shop page. This gives you a lot of versatility especially if you are looking to grow your website into a blog or even a shop that sells photo prints.

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Oyster WordPress Theme Preview

Built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3, the Oyster WordPress theme is a modern yet user-friendly option for photographers. If you are the type who does not want to spend too much time on website creation, the Oyster is your best bet. This theme allows you to simply upload your portfolio and it will automatically display your photos in a clean and neat gallery format.

The best thing about the Oyster theme is the fact that it is very easy to use. Don’t let the numerous layouts and grids overwhelm you, this theme is perfectly fine for beginners to use. Create a beautiful looking photo gallery without any extra effort with the Oyster theme.

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Bild WordPress Theme Preview

Most people choose a minimalist theme to balance out the colors of their photos with a clean, white background. But the Bild is all about allowing your visitors’ eyes to travel across your webpage. Its design is fairly minimalistic and flexible, simply because it gives room for your photos to speak a thousand words.

If you aren’t sure as to how you want your photos to be displayed, the Bild comes with different portfolio layouts for you to experiment. And because it is so easy to change gallery layouts without code, you are free to change the look of your website as often as you wish.

This theme is highly recommended for young photographers who have yet to discover their style as a photographer. The blank slate of the Bild layout doesn’t just offer room for creativity, it also makes it a lot easier to make changes as you go.

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Air WordPress Theme Preview

If you are looking for a theme that has a perfect mix of photos and other web elements, the Air WordPress theme is a must-see. This theme is smart – it knows how to showcase your photos without distracting visitors. And yet, it can also display text and other elements without stealing the show – perfect if you are looking to add in a paragraph or two about your work.

The Air is a great theme to play around with since it comes with plenty of customization capabilities. From widgets to shortcut codes, you can make your portfolio highly personalized, allowing you to show your visitors who you are as a photographer.

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